Vine Recruitment is your preferred recruitment company

Vine Recruitment finds your preferred candidates

Looking for staff?
  • Vine Recruitment will assist you in formulating a job specification to attract the right candidates at no additional cost.
  • You will have access to a database of over 25 000 candidates.
  • Save time and money! We will send you 3 – 5 screened, interviewed and reference-checked candidates, suitable for your position. Then you make your pick.
  • Obligation free: Try us and if you are not happy with the quality of candidates (although we are confident that you will be), there is no fee payable.
  • Subject to terms and conditions.


Looking for work?
  • Vine recruitment assists employers in finding suitable candidates.
  • We care about our candidates. Happy candidates = Happy clients.
  • We give career advice and guidance on where to apply for jobs.
  • Submit your CV here to make yourself available as candidate for a position.
  • For assistance with your CV, download this CV template.

How the recruitment process works

  • We advertise all available positions online (Careers24, PNet, Job Vine, Vine Recruitment, Gumtree, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).
  • CVs can be submitted by applying to these positions online or via e-mail (hyperlink).
  • A Vine consultant will contact you to set up an interview, should your CV meet the requirements.
  • First round interviews will be conducted at our offices in Paarl or via Skype.
  • Clients will then shortlist candidates and we will set up interviews with clients
  • Candidates may have to attend more than one interview with our client.
  • Candidates will have to give consent to have criminal and credit checks done.
  • A letter of appointment will be sent to the successful candidate.
  • All candidates who are not successful will be kept on the database for future reference.

Who we are

A recruitment agency with a fresh outlook on matching the right jobs with the best suited individuals.

Where we operate

Mainly in the Boland, Western Cape, and surrounding areas. We are willing to help wherever our services are needed.

What we do

Generalist recruitment, specialising in permanent positions, but with some added spice and effort.

How we do it

In-depth interviews, detailed background checks, personality testing and all necessary placement administration.



1. Once a candidate referred by Vine Recruitment commences work with the Client, the Client thereby accepts our terms and conditions.

 2. A fixed fee of the annual cost to company will be charged to the Client for all permanent placements. We do not have a sliding scale with higher percentages for more senior positions as we give 100% in the recruitment of each position and prefer keeping it simple.

3. A fixed fee of the hourly/monthly rate will be charged to the Client for all temporary placements. Should the temporary candidate be offered a permanent position within the company, the outstanding balance of 12 months will be charged to the client. If, however, the job specification changes and the candidate is put into a more senior position, we will charge for 12 months.

4. An admin fee will be charged to the Client, should the Client make use of our services, yet end up employing someone internally.

5. An admin fee of the annual cost to company will also be charged to the Client, should the job specification change and suitable candidates put forth by Vine Recruitment be disqualified upon these changes made.

6. The client will be eligible to receive a discount on the placement fee, should the client employ the candidate referred by Vine Recruitment within 30 days from receiving the candidate’s particulars.

7. All recruitment fees must be paid in full within 7 days (5 working days) from commencement of employment.

8. Should a candidate leave or be fairly dismissed (in accordance with the principles set out in the Code of Good Practice, contained in Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act, no. 66 of 1995) within three months and should Vine Recruitment not be able to find a suitable replacement, a 3-month guarantee will be applicable.

9. A credit note will be supplied to the Client and will be valid for 6 months (no cash refunds will be made in this period). Should the Client not have any new staffing needs for a period of 6 months, the credit amount will be refunded after 6 months. If the Client, however, has vacancies within the 6-month period and does not make use of Vine Recruitment’s services in sourcing candidates, the credit amount will be forfeited after 6 months.

- Up to 30 days – 80% credit
- 31 to 60 days – 45% credit
- 61 to 90 days – 25% credit

10. The guarantee is only valid should the recruitment fee be paid in full within 7 days (5 working days) of the commencement date.

11. Any candidate referred to the Client by Vine Recruitment will be considered as a referral for a period of 12 months. Employment of any referred candidate within these 12 months will be charged at our normal recruitment rates.

12. Information supplied to the Client by Vine Recruitment will be confidential and may not be forwarded to a third party. Should the Client forward information to a third party, leading to employment of the specific candidate supplied by Vine Recruitment, the third party will be liable for the recruitment fee.

13. Vine Recruitment has good advertising coverage and advertises their Clients’ positions for free. Should the Client, however, request a specific means of advertising different from that of Vine Recruitment, they will be liable for these costs.

14. Thorough psychometric testing can be arranged at the Client’s expense.

15. If the candidate’s employment is terminated with the Client for matters out of his/her control (such as the Client closing down or moving, retrenchment or unfair dismissal) the Client will still be liable for the full recruitment fee.

16. Vine Recruitment will do reference checks on all candidates introduced to the Client.

17. Criminal checks will be done on candidates at offer stage, unless otherwise specified or required.

18. Vine Recruitment cannot accept liability for any false information supplied by candidates to the Client or to us. We do, however, take the utmost care to verify candidate information.

For more information, please contact:

Desmaine van der Merwe
Vine Recruitment

Office: 021-872-2648